Monday, March 14, 2005


Why is your blog called "That's my stapler" ?!

It's a reference to one of my favourite movies : Office Space.

Even though one of the cubicle dwellers : Milton - never really says that line, he appears to mumble it often. He is very upset that his company switched staplers and he kept his old one "because it didn't jam and if they take his stapler away, he'll burn down the building." His boss eventually takes his stapler and ... I digress, but you should rent the movie - many of the scenes (with the other characters) mirror my experiences in the corporate world.

So what is this all about 1 ?


I actually started a 'log' of my journeys on the 'web' back in the grand old days of the internet- 1995. I created a few web pages of my travels using html and soon my fasciation with the world wide web began. Yes, I used AOL back then, but it was the cheapest, easiest way back then to get on the web with a nation-wide ISP^.

So, in the spring of 2005 I decided this blogging thing had taken off enough that I should try it out (again). I thought that it would a great forum for posting things : 'this looks interesting' or 'I wonder if anybody else noticed this?' It could spare my friends/coworkers from a multitude of emails (spam) from me with a place to add their comments - thereby sparing a flurry of emails to those that weren't interested in the initial topic.

It's not about you

I have to point this out : It's not about you. If you know me and I quote you in some way, fashion or mention you in some form that you don't like - well, I'm sorry you took it that way. Like Denis Miller once said : "once you get past race, religion, politics, colour or culture - there's so many other reasons to hate a person!"

Why won't you just tell us about you already?

That's the point of this blog and the posts I will be making to it. It will be self indulgent, but I will try different styles, subjects and theories. If you want to learn about who I am, what I like or dislike, where I'm from or where I live now and what's happening in my life - read the blog.

1 about : pronounced a-boot in the great white north (eh)!

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