Thursday, March 31, 2005

Last day at the DOE

Today was my last day of my contract at Alberta's Department of Energy (DOE).

The following are memorable things about the Dept of Energy that I may or may not miss. This is not a top ten list as I'm sure I will add to it.

  • Crazy Paper Guy - I hope he finds that airplane soon

  • Elevator Rides - praying for a non stop trip past the 5th floor (AB Mental Health outpatient clinic)

  • No more TEARS - Time Entry And Reporting System

  • Open Source vs Micro$oft "discussions"

  • Drive by management

  • Dodging smokers at each entrance to the building(s)

  • Dodging cars to get across 108st to/from our clients' building

  • Harassing Becker : "are you done yet ?"

  • Obscure batch program email messages

  • Figuring out how to open the bathroom door after the guy who never washes his hands has just left.

  • The Russian Coffee Syndicate

  • Last day rounds

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