Sunday, September 11, 2005


This week's post is a re-post in honour of my friend that just turned 40....

A number that's all. Like thirty or twenty. But a milestone none the less. This week I "turned 40" and entered midlife.

We all should be so lucky to reach 80 !? But it doesn't seem like a promising future with the aging population and the ever increasing burden on health care services. The bozos in government seem so self-serving lately that we all wonder if they ever get around to letting us vote out the corrupt governing party and let the government get back to budgeting money for health care instead of some inane, unnecessary and expensive child care program. But I digress.

Retire at 65 ?! My kids are 3 and 8. When my dad was 40, I was (almost) out of the house and finishing college. I doubt mine will be out of the house if/when I retire. However, my oldest daughter has more money saved than her parents - in her education (RESP) fund. We planned on that as we didn't want the burden of student loans on her like my wife and I had after school. $750/month in loan payments and KD for dinner each day is not always a good character building experience.

The obligatory reunion

Last summer we had the 20 year anniversary of my high school basketball team's provincial championship win. Quite the event and it was fun to see how everybody "turned out."

Several teammates noted that some of us haven't changed that much in appearance and personality. My favourite moment was when I asked my oldest to "come over and meet my coach." She just shook her head to my first request and to the terse "now" command that followed. "Yup - that's your kid" was my coach's observation.

We played a few games of half court scrimmage and thankfully there were no heart attacks or major injuries. The festivities were held at our acreage and I have to mention that my wife organized it all - a special thanks goes to her (I don't think I'm allowed anymore to mention my first wife directly in my blog anymore except for comments like that).

Hold my drink and watch this

I've had a few moments that I reflect on now and wonder how I (we) survived. They say men don't make friends easily - especially after 35 and that becomes even more apparent when you realize that you have to part with the ones that you "use to" get in the most trouble with during and shortly after high school ("remember that time you...).

And once you are married with kids you have to become the responsible dad - the one that doesn't get to go to Vegas with the boys - especially after his wife reads about how much fun his bachelor friends have there.

Winston Churchill did not become prime minister of England until he was 62

What's next ? Who knows. I'm sure I will bounce around from contract to contract as a computer programmer. Maybe focus (follow through) on a MDI (Million Dollar Idea). One goal (before 50) is to do some traveling, show my oldest where she was born in Virginia, the important sites in OKC (but not the drunk tank, yet) and take them all to snorkel in Florida.

BTW, Otto Frederick Rohwedder was 48 when he finally perfected his machine for sliced bread. But he never got rich or famous as the crash of 1929 and subsequent Depression forced Rohwedder to sell his invention.

Wear Sunscreen

I don't have any advice today to give to the next generation. Oh, I'm sure I will gladly give my personal anecdote as events pass by or history repeats itself in current events (why can't we have 300+ independents in the house of commons !?). But we all know the next generation isn't listening.

I'm sure I wasn't listening when I was young, but I would sure like to know how "my dad got smarter as I got older."

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