Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things I learned from my trip to Sou Cal

Things I learned from my trip to Southern California this month:
  • Voice navigation systems are more patient then I am when my wife just turned 3 blocks too soon : "you have left the route, a new one is being created for you now"
  • I should become a weatherman in San Diego: "75F with a chance of clouds, today, tomorrow, ..."
  • I should always carry business card
  • There are women who look like Christie Brinkley
  • The difference between inbound vs outbound flows on the beach (the former makes for a very cool day at the beach in February).
  • Surfers arrive at the beach @ 5:00 am
  • Don't worry if you don't know the speed limit on the current road/hiway/freeway - just try to keep up to the locals!
  • There's always somebody with a bigger truck
  • You should always wear sunscreen
  • People in San Diego really enjoy their city/climate/etc
  • Nickelback isn't played every 15 min like it is on Alberta/Canadian radio stations

PS. That's My Stapler's wife would like to add the following statement :

$10 for parking ...
$500 for Aerosmith Concert floor seats next to the stage/catwalk...
$8 for a beer or cocktail ...
- being close enough to grope Stephen Tyler's thigh .... "priceless"

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