Saturday, June 24, 2006

Memories from Kelowna

Here are the most memorable things from the golf trip to Kelowna (those that I can remember) :

  • Everyone trying to produce the MMF (Most Memorable Fart)
  • Walking a mile past our street on the way back from downtown
  • Gino's podcast from Cheetahs - which is available here
  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 6
  • Not seeing Auggie for the entire time we were on the hole at Predator Ridge that had the sign "keep away from the right the side of the fairway."
  • Actually getting a Par
  • Meltdowns by various players on the most gorgeous course I've seen.
  • The bent putter putt on 18 at Quail Ridge
  • Connecting individual stories of the previous night together and watching them playout like the movies Pulp Fiction or Mememto
  • Rose's waterfront pub
  • Auggisms

    The Ukranian ferris wheel
    "Without short people there wouldn't be any tall people"
    "#$#^ @#$! @$#%$#!"
    "The shades should match the drapes"

  • Mikeyisms

    "I didn't know what you wanted to drink"
    "Holy f* it went straight... I mean great shot"

  • Other random quotes

    "There's onions in it..."
    "You're not supposed to drink more than 2 Red Bulls..."

  • Fungicides sprayed on a golf course are very bad

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